Oct 9, 2009

why ohhh whyy~

first thing come in mind..

"WHY AM I STUCK HERE"??? askin myself for many times. still!! i can't figure out the reasons y...i keep on wondering.. thinking.. n hating myself for not knowing the reasons for everythin i did. OH GOD! I DO need a better life. of course i do! is this the right track for me. wondering.........emmmmmmm....


1) reject dad's offer studyin at limkokwing in art&design.

my passion "go with the wind".. ( i kno i can do much better with things i love) too bad. :(

2) fight with scholmate. (not good AT ALL)

3) ice-skatting (duh'...) only close frens of mine kno exactly the reasons behind the words "ice-skatting" it effect ma study damn much. Ainor!!!!!, keep in mind REDHA. :(

4) waste money..

5) not appreciate ppl raound me

p/s: Life is too short to be regret. future is all that matter now!
GO AinorLAlALA!!!!


  1. let de past go,
    let d present flow,
    let d future b forgotten..
    dont let urself to be rotten.

    stop thinking, take a breath, go.

  2. thnx badek!!
    i kno exactly what u mean..:)
    oh btw
    thanx 4 being such a "NICE" person
    badekk mr magooo. :P