Dec 18, 2009

killing my time!

fuyh! its been a longgggggg longggggggggggg time im not "bloging maself"..haha.craps. k k, so i guess today is a day of boringnessss tahhaapp max. why did i said so..b'coz dear!!! i get a chance to kill ma time slow n steady wit coffee next to me while im enjoyin it, ouhh what a day~
Im still in the mood of holiday aka hols. 2 week lef b4 back to segamat. *(&^%%) :( -not good.
but whtever it is, i hv fun during dis hols. so many things happen wit so many suprisess. but most of all.. I"HAVE LEARN A LOT! ppl change.ppl live.ppl died. huh! live wit wit wit unexpected.. but still i can stand tall wit ma two feet. thnk god for it.xnk merepek! nk start but i didnt get a point to start.gile lembap otak cuti ni.haioow..
dh malas. k later then..bye.sorry.dun get mad, coz u KNO wut i love u peeps ;)

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